Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dapper Dandy? Tapper Dandy? Dapper Tandy?

Pub Quiz Night 4: Napper Tandy
Quiz Master: Irish girl who says "tree" instead of "three" reading Brainstormer questions
Result: 4th out of ~10+
Team Name: UR Mom & I are Facebook Friends with Benefits
Team: Meg, Marc, Kenji, Kayan, Angela, Alex, Koshi, Jess

I really thought that Wednesday was going to be the night. We started out incredibly strong, and spent the first 5 rounds in the top 3. I don't know what happened.

But I digress. Napper Tandy's quiz is created by Brainstormer, a San Francisco-based company that creates quizzes for bars across the country. They do a number of the city's quizzes, including Elephant & Castle and Rogue Ale House, and run a trivia league. They also provide an official-looking official answer booklet, complete with perforated, tear-out answer sheets. Yes, I want to work there.

Pub Quiz Day Four: The Napper Tandy
The team

But onto the quiz. Unlike every other quiz in the city, the quiz master did not take 15 minutes to explain the standard rules (no iPhone cheating, no yelling out answers, tip your server) I assume because Brainstormer prints them on the booklet. The first two rounds of general knowledge were admittedly pretty easy. Nobody talked anybody out of answers; we seemed to reach general consensus or somebody was absolutely certain an answer was correct. (It's interesting how the group can talk itself and individuals out of answers, which is I think how we lost this one.)

Context can be a curse, and in this case, it prevented us from getting a near-perfect on the picture round. For whatever reason, Marc was sure that the picture of the man was Orson Welles, and even that the photo is the one that appears on Orson's Wikipedia page. But it was on the sheet next to the photo of this woman (below) and numbered in such a way that they looked like they were meant to be considered together.

We obviously knew the woman was Gloria Steinem, but putting the man next to her made us start to think about why they were together. What does Orson Welles have to do with Gloria Steinem? But the picture also looks a little like a young Larry Flynt, and that relationship makes far more sense than the Steinem/Welles. Thus, we put down Larry Flynt.

It was Orson Welles, and, indeed, the photo on Orson Welles' Wikipedia page. Group think can be a bitch.

Instead of a name-that-tune music round, they did something with bands versus solo artists. Given a song name and solo artist, we had to write whether the song was made popular by the artist solo or by the related band. If band, we also had to name the band. We did really well on this, but one thing tripped us up: George Michael. The UK release of "Careless Whisper" was George Michael, solo. But this was a question about the US release, which we also thought was solo. Nope. It's billed as Wham! featuring George Michael. We also got an Eric Crapton question wrong because he was in so many bands—many of which sucked (not Cream)—that we can't be bothered to learn them all.

Qute Quiz Master
Quiz master

There were two other theme rounds: people named Charles (we did okay, but not stellar) and Third-Party Politics. We got HOSED in that round despite the fact that many of us actually know a lot about politics. Did you know that Taft is the only incumbent to come in 3rd in a presidential election? We guessed Cleveland. Koshi got a Hawaii question wrong, for which he will now be ridiculed for a year.

We also had some trouble understanding the quiz master because she had a bit of trouble pronouncing some words. To wit: "sovereignty" read as "severity" and "incumbent" read as "ink you bent."

Mission Mystery
The hooker hubbub

We did not officially *win* a free pitcher, but for some reason I asked for one and the waitress gave it to us! Victory! We also saw a hooker get arrested and put into an ambulance, although we don't get the ambulance part. There were at least 4 cop cars, too.

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Alex said...

I'd just like to know the Behind the Music drama that caused the billing changes between the UK and US releases. A careless whisper, indeed.