Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At Least the Beer Was Cold(ish)

Pub Quiz Night 3: Edinburgh Castle
Quiz Master: Carl
Result: no free beer, does anything else matter?
Team Name: At Least the Beer's Cold
Team: Kenji, Dave, Corey, Jason, Martin, Angela, Meghan, Dana, Jess, guest appearance by Koshi

Trivia at Edinburgh starts at 8:30. I thought it would be nice to grab some dinner and get there around 8, until Dana told me she'd been there once and it was full by 7:15. Wise. I got there at 7, claimed a booth, and watched as nerds snatched up all other booths and tables by 7:20.

Pub Quiz Day Three: Edinburgh Castle
Most of the team (we couldn't all squeeze into the booth)

Everyone says that Edinburgh is the city's hardest, but they are silly. It is no different than any other, although we performed horribly in the music round considering we are a bunch of music freaks. It was like a take-home CD from last year's Lilith Fair. Carl also plays the whole song, providing ample time for cheaters in the room to use Shazam. We didn't see anyone cheating, but I can't imagine how anybody knew all of the artists without a little help.

Koshi also found out a little more about the quiz world drama we heard about on Sunday night. The 540 Club's quiz master and his friends used to go to Edinburgh every week and demolish the competition. Apparently one night they argued with Carl (never ever argue with the quiz master) and he tossed them out. They came back again, and he threw them out again. Obviously there are two sides to this story, but are they even worth knowing in this case? DRAMA!!!!

Still the Teacher
Quiz master Carl

The music round also happens at the same time you're solving one theme round and the picture round. This theme round was actually awesome: biopics. I'm pretty sure we got them all, save Auto Focus, a film about former Hogan's Heroes star Bob Crane. This was also the second night in a row that serial killer Aileen Wuornos appeared as an answer (Monster is about her), and this blog post is the first time I've spelled it correctly. I think our two variations were Eileen Wardos and Eileen Varnos. Now I know.

The picture round was another story. I wish I could remember the name of the toothy British fellow whose name we didn't know, or the woman we guessed was Jodi Watley (wrong), but I can't. I instead give you this awesome picture of Kurt Vonnegut, which we correctly identified as Vonnegut.

I am not up on my serial killers but Corey sure is, and we did pretty well in that round, with maybe two wrong. Actually, I don't really remember as this is the part of the night where I stopped paying full attention. Calling it "pub quiz" is misleading, as "quiz" doesn't adequately speak to the level of endurance required to stay fully engaged for one quiz, let alone many nights in a row.

We didn't win any free drinks, but some of us did go to Grubstake afterward, which is a prize unto itself.

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