Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Six Degrees of Dixie Carter

Pub Quiz Night 2: LookOut
Quiz Master: Pollo Del Ma
Result: 4th out of 6
Team Name: Delta's Burkas
Team: Peter, Corey, Laura, Kimra, Pete, Angela, Koshi, Jess

You know that bar on 16th and Market where, on a warmish night, it looks like Falling Water but with dudes in black clothing spilling over the balconies instead of water? As it turns out, they have pub quiz every Monday. This is where we spent Day 2.

As the title of this post suggests, the quiz theme was 6 Degrees of Dixie Carter. People talk about Edinburgh Castle being the city's hardest quiz (we'll get to that in the next post) but LookOut is something special. Even though there were only 6 teams, people really seemed to know their shit about all things related to Julia Sugarbaker. Of course, since drag queen quiz master Pollo Del Mar announces the theme a week ahead of time, and since she gathers questions by clicking from link-to-link on Wikipedia, you have seven days to study up and learn everything you can memorize about the next week's theme. Pollo told us after the quiz that everything she asked literally came from clicking through Wikipedia links, within 6 clicks of Dixie Carter's Wiki page. A few of us crammed earlier in the day but were totally out-Dixied.

Pub Quiz Day Two: The Lookout
Me, writing.

Let's talk for a second about Pollo Del Mar, the drag queen quiz master. I love drag queens, and I love Pollo. Although her stories sometimes veered off into long-winded land, she's otherwise witty and a great host. Unfortunately, as she pointed out in the beginning of the night, the cordless mic wasn't available so she was tethered to the DJ booth. I love a quiz master who isn't afraid to use the word retard repeatedly. And, yes, her name does mean "Chicken of the Sea."

The Lovely Quiz Mistress
The lovely Pollo Del Mar.

Quiz wise, it was a short one, but Pollo talks a lot so it took longer than necessary. There were only two real rounds, with a speed round as tiebreaker between 2nd and 3rd place. There was no music round.

The best team names in the room is kind of a toss up: "Dixie Carter? I thought you said 'Dick Me Harder'" or "Going Way Down South on Dixie." You decide.

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