Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No, Really, FUUUU Outside Lands

Pub Quiz Night 1: 540 Club
Quiz Master: Scott
Team Name: FUUUUUU Outside Lands
Team: Cas, Jason, Martin, Sean-Michael, Koshi, Jess

Pub Quiz Day One: 540 Club
The Team

We meant to arrive at 9 but got there at 8:30, delayed by drinks at Elixir (don't ask). Trivia usually starts at 9 but apparently the owner asked the quiz master to start early because of Outside Lands, which makes little sense for a Richmond bar. But Scott was a merciful quiz master, and let us catch up on 2 of the 4 rounds we missed.

The theme questions in the round we were actually seated for were comic book heroes and Oscar somethings (not official name), which Cas and Sean-Michael killed, respectively. The otherwise merciful quiz master made fun of me mercilessly for putting Cal down as an answer to a college basketball question. I deserved it.

Puzzle Face
Cas, thinking.

The music round was not terribly hard, but I talked a friend out of Hank Williams, which turned out to be the right answer. The recording quality just seemed to be too good. I also learned that the same friend has a huge boner for jazz music, which I discovered when he was the only person at the table beside me who knew that Artie Shaw played clarinet.

Pencil It In
Cas, writing.

There was also a theme round relating to somebody in the bar named Brian. I got the impression that Brian is the usual quiz master, but I'm not sure. We also found out about a little drama in the pub quiz community—yes, there is drama—when Scott told us that he and his friends used to go to Edinburgh on Tuesdays but had an issue with the quiz master and switched to Martin Mack's.

Once the Student
Quiz Master Scott

In the end, we won a free pitcher for the best team name, but really, I think it's because we trekked the hell out there only to miss half of it and Scott felt bad for us. Mercy pitchers still taste delicious. Jason also made us personalized glasses by tearing up the picture round images and sticking them to glasses.

Trophy Beer

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