Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spending By Necessity At (O')Greenberg's

1600 Dolores Street (between 29th St & Day St) [Map]
Total Spent: $5

Let's get this out of the way: the jukebox at (O')Greenberg's sucks. It is certainly not the worst in the city—that title is reserved for Trad'r Sam in the Richmond—but it's far from the best.

The jukebox situation is unfortunate mainly because they have one of the best dart setups in the Mission/Noe area and I'm starting to love darts.

What precisely is my problem with this jukebox? Usually I take the time to note everything that's good and everything that sucks, but in this case I was not in any mood to write things down. So I will sum it up with two words: unbearable mediocrity. It's like a collection of Top 40 albums that don't want to hear unless you're plastered and even then they might be the thing that drives you to "return" those 6 beers you pounded while dancing to No Doubt. The selection is boring and obvious, and when boring and obvious gets into the wrong hands misery ensues.

If I remember correctly, the only reason we spent any money at all was to prevent other patrons from playing crap. We put in $5 which bought us 20 songs, but finding those 20 songs was difficult. I believe this is the same night some weird guy in the back room bought me a beer and then spilled that beer all over himself. Which brings me to another point...

(O')Greenberg's attracts a very odd crowd ranging from Marina types to a bunch of bum kids who just want to play darts (us). Rarely crowded during the week, Friday and Saturday nights bring in the freak show. Once this crowd gets control of the jukebox it's best to find another bar. Immediately.