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27 September 2008: Silver Jews @ (((folkYEAH!)))

27 September 2008
Silver Jews @ (((folkYEAH!)))
Fernwood Big Sur
Highway 1, Big Sur [Map]
Drinks consumed: It was a weekend of camping. There's no such thing as counting.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this festival. Surely we assumed there would be hippies, freak folk people, and city hipsters, but we weren't sure if it would be extremely crowded or just weird. Fortunately, it was one of the most chill festival crowds I've ever seen. Fernwood did a great job hosting the event, keeping the store full of cold beer for us to buy when our supplies began to run low (which happened quite frequently). The bartender also makes a hell of a bloody mary.

Dave Berman, Silver Jews

The highlight on Friday was, for me, SF-based Citay. I've seen them a couple times now and I actually think they are more interesting to see live than to listen to at home (but I like their albums too). They don't wear weird costumes or jump around or anything, they just play sweet, soothing music. It was perfect in the redwoods setting of the Fernwood campground.


Honorable mention for Friday goes to Tussle, who were also great. Loser of the night was Entrance Band, who unfortunately played Saturday as well. I wasn't that into Devendra Banhart's latest band, Megapuss, but they did put on a good show. On Saturday, if I remember correctly, we enjoyed Little Wings, Little Joy, and Beach House, whose music can best be described as "pretty" and "airy" a la Aislers Set.

Silver Jews via fish eye lens

But the main reason we even went to this festival, as you may have guessed from the images accompanying this post, was to see Silver Jews play under the stars in Big Sur. Corny, yes. But was it awesome? It was, in fact, amazing. Thanks in part to Koshi stationing himself at the front of the stage with his camera during Entrance Band's seemingly endless Saturday performance, we were basically up against the stage when the Jews came on.

I've been a Silver Jews fan for years but I have never seen them live. I couldn't imagine a better setting. There's no point in listing the songs they played since Koshi got a pretty readable shot of the setlist on stage (which my friend nabbed after the show):

Berman reminds me of an indie rock Hunter S. Thompson for some reason. Maybe it's the glasses. He roams around like some kind of deranged rock and roll preacher, tangling the mic cord along the way. He sounded great, he looked great, and the show was fantastic.

Let's just say that I had Berman's voice in my head for about 4 days after the show. That was a very good thing.


Anonymous said...

Festival in the Forest was put on by (((folkYEAH!))) presents not Fernwood Resort. Fernwood Resort was just the host site/spot rented to hold this benefit event but we are glad they kept your beer cold. Mark is the outstanding local bartender and he makes many great drinks!

The Entrance Band pretty much stole the show on Friday but we are glad you liked our pals Citay on Friday and The Joos (great pics btw) on Saturday! Getting to The Joos to play Big Sur was a long time in the making so thanks for attending! We like them too. Entrance Band (who are based in LA) are local favorites in the small coastal community of Big Sur. They are greatly loved there and after the summer fires Entrance Band were much needed to help the community heal through music. That is why they played both nights (different sets). We do love all the bands that played this special event! A big thanks goes out to all of them!

There were no losers on such a wonderful weekend.
It was a benefit for the all volunteer Big Sur Fire Brigade. Which means no losers only winners!!!

We do wonder if it is possible for you to praise those you enjoyed without being mean spirited to those whom you may have enjoyed less. Please do remember music is art, art is expression, and some expressions are not for everyone's ears or eyes, ect. Retaining such a thought could may make this blog, less "weird" as you say.

Thanks again for supporting this special benefit festival. Your support was counted and needed!

Robert said...

It sounds like you had a blast. Quite interesting.

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Looks like a great party.
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Sukeroku said...

Sounds like it was great. B-)

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hồng anh said...

entereting night !!!

Zubina's Red Senses said...

nice post!

TUWD said...

Silver Jews are awesome! I really like that shot of the setlist with the soft lighting. Good review!
-Frank (from tuwd)