Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stumbling Upon a Relic at Dry Creek General Store

Dry Creek General Store
3495 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, CA [Map]
Total Spent: $0, I just passed it on the way to the bathroom

Tucked among the wineries of Sonoma County, Dry Creek General Store is a popular rest stop for wine connoisseurs and cyclists alike. They have a deli with sandwiches and a little store of presumably handmade goods. It's overpriced and the sad amount of pastrami on my sandwich was depressing. However, there is a bar attached to the general store, and it's inside of this bar that I found one of the coolest jukeboxes I've ever seen. Koshi didn't have his camera available, so I did my best with this one.


I didn't put any money in it. I didn't even have a beer. I just had to use the bathroom and the bathroom happens to be in the back of the bar, next to the jukebox. Had I not been tasked with driving a ridiculously huge Chrysler SUV through Sonoma that weekend, I certainly would have invested some time in that bar, particularly since beer and I get along much better than wine.


Alas, I only had enough time to browse a little. There are some amazing oldies, pop and country alike, with newer stuff sprinkled among the good old stuff. I could imagine, though, that a bunch of wine-soaked tourists could do terrible things with this selection.


If I'm ever in Healdsburg again, I'll have to make someone else drive so I can spend some time and a lot of change in this little tourist bar.


Chad said...

I just found out yesterday that an old friend of mine from Texas is the Wine Director there! I have yet to visit.

Jake said...

How seeing the jukebox brought back fond memories. The times I played the same record over and over - and prayed who ever put another coin in - that their choice would be a favored song.

Rena Reese said...

Fun post! Awesome Jukebox!

Mr. Nissan said...

wow love your blog

Forcaster said...

Dude that is sweet. Great stuff.

3 Magpies said...

Doncha just love finding treasures in the most random places? Cool blog!

San Francisco Photos said...

Wow this is great ... love old jukeboxes and most likely will visit some of the recommended ones on here on your blog! Thanks for the info!

Check out the jukebox at Gingers Trois on Kearny Street fyi.

Janet said...

I'd love to see a tour route to all the great jukeboxes.

The Joiners said...

Play "Louisiana Saturday Night," for me if you ever get back. I can see that one staring back at me from the picture.

Great blog.

Carolyn said...

Congrats on being a Blog of Note!

I love that Juke Box!

Calisa Hildebrand said...

Ok so technically it's not in Healdsburg, but on a totally random note there is this place called "wine country chocolates" in Glen Ellen that I fell upon the last time I visited Healdsburg. Their chocolate is seriously sooo yummy! They have bizarro but delicious flavors like PB & J, the Elvis, and Pomegranate with orange blossom honey. sooo good!