Thursday, February 21, 2008

SF Jukebox's Best of 2007

I realize that February 2008 is almost over but we never did a best of 2007. Everyone does a best of 2007, but they usually do it in December. Better late than never.

Here are our five favorite shows of 2007.

The Sea and Cake at Bimbo's

  1. We love this band.
  2. Sam Prekop personally handed Koshi his photopass.
  3. Sam Prekop pretended to be overcome by the awesomeness of his own guitar solo and rolled around on the stage.
  4. Great crowd.

Low at The Great American Music Hall

  1. We love this band.
  2. It was my birthday and Alan Sparhawk played "When I Go Deaf" for me.
  3. A drunk guy in the balcony begged to hear "Transmission" until they gave in and played it.
  4. The show finally convinced me that I love Drums and Guns.

Sonic Youth at the Berkeley Community Theater

  1. It's Sonic fucking Youth and they played Daydream Nation start to finish.

Two Gallants w/Blitzen Trapper at the Independent

  1. We were there for the opening band and they kicked ass.
  2. Two Gallants are hometown heroes.
  3. This show provided incontrovertible proof that rock and roll is not dead.

US Air Guitar Regional Championship at the Independent

  1. Air guitar is completely absurd yet incredibly entertaining.
  2. My friend was the most hated judge for the second year in a row.
  3. I got to yell "YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!" at least 10 times and it was okay because everyone else was yelling it too!

Here's to more shows and more awesome in 2008. Cheers!


Cesar said...

Can you do a worst of 2007? I would put The Police (Oakland Coliseum) at the top of the list.

Chinese Girl said...


Sokudero said...

very cool blog i could probly pull off an awesome air guitar myself ^_^ hee hee JK but really cool

naturalist said...

I can't help but wonder
... if these guys love shredding so much,why don't they learn to play a real guitar?
Blog is good though ;)

Tornado Dragon 05 said...