Friday, June 29, 2007

Air Guitar Update

Last night's US Air Guitar San Francisco Regional Championship did not bring the quality of contestants we saw last year but it was sure as hell entertaining. Beer was thrown, rock fists were raised high in the air, and bad contestants were deservingly ridiculed. Congratulations to Ricky Stinkfingers who will represent the Bay Area at the US Air Guitar Championships in New York City. He will compete against the other regional champs as well as last year's SF winner and defending National Champion, Hot "Lixx" Hulahan.

Here's a short video of Ricky Stinkfingers' 1st round performance:

And here's a video of Mr. Fine Body, the leader after Round 1 who unfortunately let us all down when he failed to "bring it" in the compulsory round (song was Skid Row's "Youth Gone Wild"):

And big props to everyone who got on stage for the free air jam to—what else?—"Freebird" at the end of the competition:

Congratulations, Ricky Stinkfingers! Make us proud in New York!

On the downside, TouchTunes sponsored the event. They make MP3 jukeboxes. They had one there that the audience could use free of charge. I feel dirty. I swear I didn't touch it.


Anonymous said...



Bryan said...

Dude! Bulge Alert!

I want a piece of the winner's package, please.

Anonymous said...

How talented of them to be able to play with armadillos stuffed in their pants.

Roger said...

Good stuff! They'll face tough competition from the Canadian contingent. The Canadian Air Guitar Finals is tonight. Check out the blogTO article for details and photos.

— Word!