Wednesday, May 02, 2007

British Invasion at the Dovre Club

Dovre Club
1498 Valencia St. (@ 26th St.) [Map]
Total Spent: $2

Dovre Club is subtly an Irish bar and certainly less terrifying than the Irish-by-name bar down the street, Clooney's. On a regular weeknight, picking music from the jukebox at Dovre Club can be a daunting task if you're the kind of person who doesn't want to alienate everyone else in the bar with your song selections. The bar is a quiet little spot on the weeknights and the patrons appear to be loyal regulars.

The selection is pretty average. Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Beastie Boys, and the honorable Guns N Roses "Appetite for Destruction" are all present and accounted for. Billie Holiday, Al Green, Etta James, Otis Redding, and Mary J. Blige represent soul, jazz, and R&B. For the pop kids, they've thrown in Arcade Fire, The Killers, and Modest Mouse, a band fronted by one of the biggest ego-tripping assholes in contemporary pop music. The Repo Man and High Fidelity soundtracks have been thrown in for kicks.

What stands out most about this jukebox is the number of offerings from Great Britain. In addition to the usual—Smiths, Beatles, Bowie, The Cure—Dovre Club's jukebox also contains Oasis, Blur, Morphine, Coldplay, and the whiniest of British whiny, Radiohead. There are also some Irish selections and I'm not talking about U2.

Dovre Club's jukebox is not the best in the city but it is decent and you're almost always guaranteed to hear your songs play within a reasonable amount of time. In fact, I should probably frequent this bar more regularly.

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