Tuesday, March 20, 2007

An Important Announcement

I know that this blog is called SF Jukebox but I've been doing these show reviews on the side for some time now and I like them. The wonderful editor of the Owl Mag allows his writers to retain rights to their work and repost it so that's what I'm going to do. (I swear I'm not kissing ass, he's great, and I did ask for permission before moving ahead with this.)

This does NOT mean that I am going to stop reviewing jukeboxes, I'm just trying to fill a content void here. Since the band or musician appearing at a venue dictates the personality of a crowd the way a jukebox often relates to the kind of patrons coming to a bar, and since jkoshi takes photos for my show reviews as well, I figured it'd be a fun place to post the stuff. And if we want to get sickeningly philosophical, bands coming in and out of town are to the music scene as albums added or removed are to a jukebox. By that token I suppose I could post my CD reviews here, too, but I probably won't, at least not now.

I will even hop in the wayback machine known as the date field and (gasp!) backdate a few of them at the reader's pleasure so that they appear when the shows happened and not as a deluge of new posts whose posting dates makes very little sense in relation to when the shows happened.

Here are two for you to start with: Joanna Newsom at the Great American Music Hall and Do Make Say Think at Slim's. Be on the look out for additions to the backlog, motivation willing. I welcome any comments on the subject, in favor of this plan or in opposition to it. All input will be noted but only those in agreement will be taken seriously.

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